Mayar Jonjal


Satya is a petty criminal in Kolkata. His lover Beuti, who is an illegal immigrant sex-worker from Bangladesh decides to open a legit bank account. Satya decides to rob her before she can shift her cash and jewellery into the bank account. Chandu, a retrenched factory worker is a night guard in an ATM booth. He can’t accept that his wife Soma works as a full time maid in a high end condo. Chandu’s co-worker in the ATM convinces Chandu to work as a courier of contraband drugs to supplement his meagre income. Satya meets Chandu, the courier and buys the drug. Satya asks Beuti to marry him, one last time. Beuti laughs it off. A day later, on a date out with Beuti, Satya manages to feed her a pa-an laced with the sedatives they had bought from Chandu. Soon, she starts showing symptoms of overdosing. She is convinced she is dying and begs him to take her to a hospital. Satya is faced with a choice that will change several lives permanently.

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